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Lifesaving Nomination
Governor's Lifesaving Awards

Real-life heroes and heroines whose quick thinking and fast actions saved a life during the past year will be honored at the conference. Know somebody who saved a life?

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Download and print the application and guidelines:

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Guidelines For Lifesaving Awards
Governorɮdustrial Safety And Health Advisory Board
  1. The lifesaving award is available to employees in the state of Washington who are covered by industrial insurance (State Fund or Self-insurance).

ؼ/font> ؼ/font> Lifesaving act can occur anywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day ׼/font> ׼/font>

  1. The award shall be for personally performing urgently required "hands-on" action(s) in a lifesaving effort. In the case of law enforcement persons, fire fighters, EMTs, or other similar type professionals, such actions must NOT be part of their normal duties, but must be above and beyond the line of duty.
  1. To submit nominations, complete the "application for lifesaving award". Comments should be brief, concise, specific to incident, and explain how a life was saved. (If necessary, use a separate sheet to continue with comments.)

  1. The incident detail is to include outcome of rescue. (If the victim did not survive, a nomination can be made for a humanitarian award.)

  1. Official documentation in support of the nomination is required (e.g. doctor, fire department, medics, police, etc.) Nominators are encouraged to attach any additional supporting information.

  1. A 35mm COLOR SLIDE or PHOTOGRAPH of the applicant is required and MUST BE enclosed or you may send a digital image by E-mail to (e-mail): glol235@Lni.wa.gov.

  1. Applications should be submitted on the current form and within the designated time frame.

  1. Lifesaving actions having occurred within the current time frame will be eligible for nomination (June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011).

  1. The application should be signed by the person nominating, and be submitted to the Governorɮdustrial Safety and Health Advisory Board by no later than June 30.

  1. The awards committee of the Governor튠 Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board will review applications for contents and timeliness.

  1. The decision of the awards committee is final. Any further discussion of an application shall be directed to the chairperson of the awards committee.

For Further Information Contact: Laura Orman (360) 902-5533.


Governorɮdustrial Safety and 
Health Advisory Board
c/o Laura Orman, Lifesaving Award Coordinator
Department of Labor and Industries
PO Box 44650
Olympia WA 98504-4650
Fax: (360) 902-5533

** If the committee is unable to determine from the application who actually saved the life, no award will be given and the nomination will be returned to you.