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2009 Session Evaluations:

After the Fall (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)
Russel Youngstrom

After the Storm (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)

        Laura Goudreau

Are You Ready For Cranes (2010)? (Construction Panel)

        Mandi Kime, Chuck Lemon

Automotive Safety Systems - Buying a Smarter Safer Car (Vehicle and Fleet Panel)

        Allen Deen, Terry Powers, Jesse Schemm

Cell Tower Rescue (Communications Panel)

        William Wright

Combating Distracted Driving (Vehicle and Fleet Panel)

        Tom Anderson, Dave Kerns, Craig Lockwood

Compressed Gas Safety (Natural Gas Panel)

        Keith Garman

Consequences of Drowsy Driving and Sleep Deprivation on Traffic and Occupational

Safety (Blockbusters)

        Ralph Pascualy

Designing for Construction Safety: Concepts and Practice (Construction Panel)

        John Gambatese

Doing More with Less: Downsizing, Closures, Budget Cuts and Layoffs (Forest/Pulp and Paper Products)

        Terry W. Alexander, Greg Bussell, Steve Fluke, Jim Thomas, Jesse Walters

Dominoes, Don't Just Watch Them Fall (Maritime And Waterfront-Related Activities Panel )

        Brad Gardner

DOSH Program Update (Annual Events)

        Steve Cant

Easy Incident & Accident Investigations (Blockbusters)

        Joe Angyus

Equipment Options for Safe Patient Handling – A Hands On Approach (Health Care

        Lynn LaSalle, Jeannette Murphy, Leslie Pickett

Fall Protection (Construction Panel)

        Steven Heist

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection: What you Need to Know (Accident Prevention Panel)

        Brent Knight

Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Complacency Can Kill. (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

        Eric Tofte

H1N1 - Health Fair (Health Care Panel)Panel)

        Sharon Ness

Hard Economic Times Affect the Safety Program, Too (Public Employees Panel)

        Ray Clouatre

How to Achieve an Ergonomic Computer Workstation In Any Setting (Health Care Panel)

        Lynn LaSalle, Jeannette Murphy, Leslie Pickett

How to Become a Disaster Resilient Business (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)

        Wendy Freitag

How to Develop Effective Wellness Programs (Panel) (Forest/Pulp and Paper Products)

        Bruce Coulter, Doug Spohn, Bruce Valentine

Information on OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements (Annual Events)

        Darrell Keith

Investigating and Resolving Indoor Air Quality Complaints (Aerospace Panel)

        Rene Irish

Ladders and Scaffolding (Natural Gas Panel)

        Tom Odegaard

Leading with Leading Indicators (Construction Panel)

        Mandi Kime

Managing Our Driving Behaviors (Aerospace Panel)

        Syd Muzzy

Meth Lab Awareness (Communications Panel)

        Ira Stephens

NLN DISEASE (No Longer Nineteen) (Public Employees Panel)

        Bruce Madsen

No Regulations, No Codes…..You can do it! (Annual Events) 
Jim Norris, Robert Rotz

Pedestrian Safety (Materials Handling)

        Tim Eacrett, Lou Flores

Product Stewardship in the Northwest (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)

        Jeff Ketchel

Recent Changes in the CDL Program (Vehicle and Fleet Panel)

        Gibb Kingsley

Reducing Exhaust Omissions : Green Technology (Materials Handling)

        Brian Harris

Rejuvenate With Deep Relaxation (Special Events)

        Patricia Bartley

Respiratory Protection: Myth vs Reality (Accident Prevention Panel)

        Rick Gleason

Rigging Basics (Accident Prevention Panel)

        Art Stanley

Rigging Inspections (Accident Prevention Panel)

        Art Stanley

Rough Terrain Forklifts (PIT or Telehandler Units) (Materials Handling)

        Rob Vetter

Safer and Leaner: Improving the Movement of People, Vehicles and Materials in a Manufacturing Environment (Aerospace Panel)

        John Larson

Scaffolding/Staging Maritime And Waterfront-Related Activities Panel Panel)

        Michael Fleer, William Harbison

Silica; It’s Not Just Dust (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

        Rick Gleason

Strains and Sprains (Public Employees Panel)

        Bruce Madsen

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Management for Workers (Special Events)

        Patricia Bartley

The Hazards of Working Near Backing Equipment (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

        Doug Buman, Michael O'Neil

The Story of Flight 232 (Blockbusters)

        Alfred Haynes

Traffic Workzone Safety (Electrical Utilities Panel)

        Mike Burke

Trenching and Shoring (Natural Gas Panel)

        Jim Szpek

Trust in Safety (Blockbusters)

        Bill Kessler

Tunneling Hazards (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

        Shilo Hutton, Joe Olsen, Robert Taaffe

Waterside Rescue (Panel) (Maritime And Waterfront-Related Activities Panel Panel)

        Chris Dahline, William (Smokey) Simpson

Ways to Protect Yourself (Vehicle and Fleet Panel)

        Kevin Bell

What does an Inspector Look For? (Roundtable) (Natural Gas Panel)

        Cheryl Christian, Tom Jannings, Lezlie Perrin, Troy Shopin

What is a JHA and How do I Use It? (Accident Prevention Panel)

        Bill Jividan

What You Don’t Know About CPR Can Kill Them (Public Employees Panel)

        George Schoettle

What's New With Pipeline Safety? (Natural Gas Panel)

        Joe Subsits

Workplace Violence and Stress: Cocaine of Modern America (Aerospace Panel)

        Dr. Lennie Mees

Worksite Housekeeping (Construction Panel)

        Doug Donegan

You are your Brothers Keeper: How to avoid multi-employer liability (Maritime And Waterfront-Related Activities Panel)

        Aaron Owada

2012 Conference
The 61st Annual Governor's Industrial Safety & Health Conference will be held in Spokane, at the Spokane Convention Center.