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2009 Speaker Presentations:

Accident at Russia’s Biggest Hydroelectric Plant

Are You Ready For Cranes (2010)? (Electrical Utilities Panel)

      Chuck Lemon

      Hand-Outs:  Crane Operator Certification Agencies

                         Operator Qualifications Affidavit

                         WAC 296-155-529 Crane certifier accreditation and crane certification

DOSH Program Update (Annual Events)

      Steve Cant

Easy Incident & Accident Investigations (Blockbusters)

      Joe Angyus

      Hand-Outs:   Investigation Worksheet

                         Supervisor Accident Report

                         Ladder Incident

Employee Assistance Programs as a Component of Wellness Programs

      Audrey Rosenfeld

Equipment Options for Safe Patient Handling – A Hands On Approach (Health Care Panel)

      Lynn LaSalle – Patient Handling From Low Tech to High What To Consider

      Jeannette Murphy – Equipment Options for Safe Patient Handling – A Hands On Approach

      Leslie Pickett – Bariatric Equipment Considerations Across the Healthcare System

Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Complacency Can Kill. (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

      Eric Tofte

Food as Fuel

      Ashley Harris

How to Achieve an Ergonomic Computer Workstation In Any Setting (Health Care Panel)

      Lynn LaSalle - How To Achieve an Ergonomic Computer Workstation In Any Setting

      Jeannette Murphy - How To Achieve an Ergonomic Computer Workstation In Any Setting

      Leslie Pickett – Ergonomics in the Healthcare Setting

How to Become a Disaster Resilient Business (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)

      Wendy Freitag

How to Develop Effective Wellness Programs (Panel) (Forest/Pulp and Paper Products)

      Bruce Coulter, Doug Spohn, Bruce Valentine

Information on OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements (Annual Events)

      Darrell Keith
Hand-Outs: Exercise #1 - Recording Number of Days
Exercise #2 - Determining Recordability 
Exercise #3 - To Record or Not to Record
Exercise #4 - Entering Information on the OSHA 300 Log
First Aid vs. Medical Treatment & Significant Diagnosed Injury or Illness
Hearing Loss Decision Tree
Recordkeeping Decision Tree

Investigating and Resolving Indoor Air Quality Complaints (Aerospace Panel)

      Rene Irish

Product Stewardship in the Northwest (Chemical and Petroleum Panel)

      Jeff Ketchel

Regulatory Update (Electrical Utilities Panel)

      Rick Evans, Dick Maxwell, Jim Voss

          Hand-Out: High Voltage Equipment Checklist

Safety Tips: "Loaded" Trees and Tree Falling (Electrical Utilities Panel)
Don Bankson

Silica; It’s Not Just Dust (Mining, Tunneling and Aggregates)

      Rick Gleason

          Sillica.  It’s Not Just Dust - powerpoint

          Stop Silicosis – video clip

Sleep Apnea and the Commercial Driver

      Kimberly Mebust

The Impact of Common Medical Problems on Truckers

      Dr. Stephen Sorsby

Wellness and the Bottom Line…it’s not limited to a Profit and Loss Statement

      Katherine Fellenstein

What is a JHA and How do I Use It? (Accident Prevention Panel)

      Bill Jividan


2012 Conference
The 61st Annual Governor's Industrial Safety & Health Conference will be held in Spokane, at the Spokane Convention Center.