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Forklift Rodeo
Presented by:

The Material Handling Panel of the Governorís Industrial Safety & Health Advisory Board and the Department of Labor & Industries.

14th Annual Forklift Rodeo

2011 Preliminary competition dates will be posted as soon as they are available along with registration information.

Top 5 individual competitors from each location will proceed to the Finals.

Come witness the finals in a statewide competition that will include a written exam, pre-flight inspection and driving skills. For more information, please contact: Al Rainsberger (206) 281-3842 email:arainsberger@foss.com, or Mark Ribich (206) 544-1514, or (206) 930-0584 cell email:mark.e.ribich@boeing.com

How to have your own Forklift Rodeo

Regional Competitions:

1st Place - $300
2nd Place - $200
3rd Place - $100
4th Place - $ 50
5th Place - $ 50
6th Place - $ 50
7th Place - $ 50 

FINAL Competition:

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $400
3rd Place - $300
4th Place - $200
5th Place - $100

Watch the "Best in the West" - Spectators Attend free!

Employers are encouraged to sponsor in-house competitions and send their best drivers. Please contact Al Rainsberger for sample rules and course diagrams, or find out How to have your own Forklift Rodeo.

ENTRY FEE $40 (Make checks payable to GISHAB)

bulletNo open toed shoes allowed
bulletAn Automatic Transmission 5,000 lb. forklift will be provided
bulletThe top 5 individual competitors will go to the finals competition. 

 Competition limited to 30 drivers at each region  - First come, first served - So register now!

For more information call:

Seattle - Al Rainsberger (206) 281-3842 email:arainsberger@foss.com or Toll free at 1-888-451-2004