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How To Put on a Forklift Rodeo

The following links can provide you with basic information on how to start your own Forklift Rodeo:

bulletCourse Design
bulletPhoto Gallery

To help further promote forklift safety, here are some videos available from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries website:

bulletForklift-Pedestrian Safety
bulletAll forklift safety videos in the L&I Video Library.


bulletPDF:2005 To-Do List
bulletPDF:Flyer 2003
bulletPDF:Equipment Inventory
bulletPDF:Ohio�s �Forklift Rodeo Guide�

We work with local dealers who provide us with 5,000 pound, propane-powered forklifts for our events. Other Forklift Rodeos use other types of Powered Industrial Trucks.

Course Designs

bulletPDF:2004 Regionals
bulletPDF:Driving instructions for 2004 Regionals
bulletPDF:2002 Regionals
bulletPDF:2001 Regionals
bulletPDF:2000 Regionals
bulletPDF:1999 Regionals
bulletPDF:1998 Regionals


bulletPDF:Competitors� Instructions
bulletPDF:General Rules
bulletPDF:Pre-use inspection
bulletPDF:Typical evaluation form for a single task

Note that the judges� criteria include both driving skill and observance of safety rules. For example:

�Enters square to load�
�Minimal inching�

�Checks behind before backing�
�Lowers forks to safe traveling height�

Experience has shown that promoting safe driving must be built into the course and judging criteria or it won�t happen!