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How To Put on a Forklift Rodeo

The following links can provide you with basic information on how to start your own Forklift Rodeo:

bulletCourse Design
bulletPhoto Gallery

To help further promote forklift safety, here are some videos available from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries website:

bulletForklift-Pedestrian Safety
bulletAll forklift safety videos in the L&I Video Library.


bulletPDF:2005 To-Do List
bulletPDF:Flyer 2003
bulletPDF:Equipment Inventory
bulletPDF:Ohio’s “Forklift Rodeo Guide”

We work with local dealers who provide us with 5,000 pound, propane-powered forklifts for our events. Other Forklift Rodeos use other types of Powered Industrial Trucks.

Course Designs

bulletPDF:2004 Regionals
bulletPDF:Driving instructions for 2004 Regionals
bulletPDF:2002 Regionals
bulletPDF:2001 Regionals
bulletPDF:2000 Regionals
bulletPDF:1999 Regionals
bulletPDF:1998 Regionals


bulletPDF:Competitors’ Instructions
bulletPDF:General Rules
bulletPDF:Pre-use inspection
bulletPDF:Typical evaluation form for a single task

Note that the judges’ criteria include both driving skill and observance of safety rules. For example:

“Enters square to load”
“Minimal inching”

“Checks behind before backing”
“Lowers forks to safe traveling height”

Experience has shown that promoting safe driving must be built into the course and judging criteria or it won’t happen!